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Direct-Trade: Brazil São Joaquim Arara
Direct-Trade: Brazil São Joaquim Arara
Direct-Trade: Brazil São Joaquim Arara
Direct-Trade: Brazil São Joaquim Arara
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Direct-Trade: Brazil São Joaquim Arara


Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Apple, Caramel

This is a direct-trade partnership which means that Red Barn is purchasing directly from the coffee farmers themselves. An effective direct-trade relationship leads to greater traceability, transparency, and cooperative spirit between the farmer and roaster. In this case, Red Barn is working hand-in-hand with the Sandi family to bring their exceptional coffees to Massachusetts.

Jesimar Sandi is a third-generation farmer who has long been producing fine coffees in the Mantiqueira region of Brazil. The naturally processed coffee from the family's main farm, São Joaquim, has been awarded several times in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence, the regional Mantiqueira de Minas, and BSCA's competitions. 

This single origin (Arara variety) micro-lot offers a rich and complex flavor profile with chocolate, caramel, and apple notes. The chocolate notes are deep and velvety, while the caramel notes add a sweet richness. The apple notes provide a bright and fruity contrast to the darker flavors, creating a well-balanced and nuanced cup of coffee.

Region Mantiqueira de Minas
Growing Altitude 1,350–1,400 masl
Arabica Variety Arara
Milling Process Natural, Raised Beds
Flavor Notes Chocolate, Apple, Caramel
Body Well-rounded
Acidity Well-balanced


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